SurfLink Mobile

Wireless. Seamless.


One device does it all.

Designed to improve hearing:

  • Cell phones
  • Meetings
  • Noisy Places
  • Television
  • Lectures
  • Music

Video Categories:

  • Basic Operations
  • Adjusting Your Hearing Devices
  • Streaming Phone Calls
  • Streaming Audio

Carefree connectivity is here

New SurfLink Mobile – combined with our wireless hearing aids – is everything a person needs to talk on the phone, enjoy TV and music, and more!

Enjoy hands-free phone calls with JustTalk

True hands-free cell phone conversations are here, thanks to our innovative new SurfLink Mobile with JustTalk. Once synced with a wireless hearing aid wearer's cell phone, SurfLink Mobile can answer incoming calls, control volume on both the phone and hearing aids, and more. In fact, the phone never needs to leave the user's pocket, as JustTalk turns their hearing aids into both microphone (picks up their voice and sends it to the person they're talking to) and receiver (streams recipient's voice directly to the user's hearing aids).

Enhance one-on-one conversations

Users can activate SurfLink Mobile's directional microphone to better isolate and pick up their companion's voice in noisy environments and transmit it directly to their wireless hearing aids. Going out to eat just got fun again!

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Makes a great conference microphone

SurfLink Mobile features a powerful omnidirectional microphone designed to enhance listening in group settings and meetings. Simply place it in the middle of the table and the speech from those around the user goes directly to the hearing aids – making it easier to hear what everyone around the table is saying!

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The ultimate assistive listening device

With SurfLink Mobile, wireless hearing aid wearers can hear teachers and other speakers almost as if they were next to them. Just place SurfLink Mobile on the podium and it transmits the speaker's voice directly to the wireless hearing aids, so users shouldn't miss a thing!

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Listen to TV at your own volume

SurfLink Mobile can stream audio from TVs directly to our wireless hearing aids one of three ways: wireless Bluetooth® connection, audio-out connector cable, or by simply placing the directional microphone near the TV speaker. Now, wearers don't have to turn the volume up loud in the room to hear it at a comfortable level. They'll be happy – and so will their companions!

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SurfLink Mobile is music to your ears

Users can get up close and personal to their favorite music or radio program with SurfLink Mobile and our wireless hearing aids. This powerful, portable transmitter easily and wirelessly streams sound from any Bluetooth®-enabled music player or computer directly to their hearing aids – for a sound that's both immersive and impressive.

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