An Interactive Experience

The Starkey University Program is designed to educate students and faculty to the complexities of practice management, hearing instrument dispensing and manufacturing in an intensive, hands-on, highly interactive format. This unique learning experience is accentuated through the generous use of visual aids and support materials throughout the program.

This program provides significant insight into all aspects of hearing instrument technology selection, manufacturing, fitting, verification and patient management.

Also included are skills applicable in the clinic, discussion of currently debated hearing instrument-related issues, marketing, and lessons in practice management. These classes feature notable speakers to share their expertise and interact with participants.

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Starkey's Education and Training team strives to offer the most comprehensive, effective and efficient online training in the industry. These courses and trainings (including both live and recorded) are available 24 hours a day and cover a variety of topics from the latest Starkey products and software to the basics of hearing science and amplification.

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