First Year Au.D. Student Welcome Kit

First Year Au.D. Student Welcome Kit

Are you a first year Au.D student? Contact us to receive valuable educational resources from Starkey University! Stay connected and step out from the crowd with a team of world-class audiologists and hearing professionals dedicated to propelling students forward in the profession of audiology.

Our First Year Welcome Kit Includes:

  • Starkey University Outreach Brochure
  • Compression Handbook
  • Tinnitus Handbook
  • Social Media for Hearing Professionals
  • Innovations™ Magazine
  • Starkey Hearing Foundation Magazine
  • Scholarship and program applications
  • Meet the Education and Audiology team
  • Order form and self-shipping impression box to send in and receive a custom listening tube
Listening Tube

* Limit one custom listening tube per student.
** Available only to currently enrolled first-year Au.D. students.

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