Starkey Hearing Research Center

Starkey Hearing Research Center

What is SHRC?

The Starkey Hearing Research Center (SHRC) is a division of Starkey Hearing Technologies, a global leader in hearing technology. An integral part of Starkey’s overall research enterprise, the SHRC comprises an interdisciplinary team of scientists, engineers, and clinicians who conduct translational hearing research aimed at delivering enhanced listening solutions in Starkey’s products.

What is its purpose?

The Starkey Hearing Research Center exists to transform the newest hearing insights into technology solutions that can be delivered to patients through Starkey’s products. Experts in psychoacoustics, audiology, cognitive science, neuroscience, psychology, computer science, and signal processing work in close collaboration with the world-class R&D capability of the larger Starkey organization. A central part of the SHRC mission is to incorporate cutting-edge ideas through close interaction with leading researchers in the science, clinical, and technology research community in the greater San Francisco area and beyond.

What kind of research is done at SHRC?

Research at the SHRC is aimed at generating a deep understanding of the mechanism of hearing, and leveraging this knowledge to design revolutionary signal processing, machine learning, and engineering solutions.

Insights drawn from basic psychoacoustic, human perceptual and cognitive neuroscience, as well as speech research, assists in developing new signal processing algorithms, new diagnostic-based fitting procedures, and new user-benefit validation approaches.

Signal processing and machine learning research aim to enhance the functionality of digital hearing instruments and improve the listening experience for hearing-impaired and normal listeners for both speech and music in terms of understanding and quality.

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