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This section shares benchmarking and related research information from inside Starkey Hearing Technologies, including detailed methodology used in data collection.

The speech material for a multi-talker matrix sentence test in Australian English

This speech material is provided by Starkey Laboratories, Inc. ("Starkey Labs") as open-access files and may be used freely. Starkey Labs provides this speech material on an "AS IS" basis without any representations or warranties. Any risk associated with using the speech material or any portion thereof is the responsibility of the user and is not the responsibility of Starkey Labs. By downloading and/or using the contents of the data set you are agreeing to the foregoing.


This speech material was recorded in a collaborative research project between Starkey Hearing Technologies and the University of Sydney. The speech material consisted of a 50-word base matrix (10 names, 10 verbs, 10 quantities, 10 adjectives, and 10 objects) whose elements can be combined to form sentences of identical syntax but unpredictable content. 10 recordings (5 female and 5 male voices) were produced that can be used to investigate the dynamics of active listening in multi-talker scenarios.

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