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At Starkey, our goal is to provide you with the latest in technology, as well as a host of other services and information only available from a global leader in hearing healthcare. Innovations is a quarterly publication that allows us to share our expertise, as well as the expertise of leaders throughout our field.

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"More than two decades ago, when the industry was implementing wide dynamic range compression to replace linear, peak-clipping hearing aids, anecdotal reports from patients and providers were initially overwhelmingly positive about how well the VA patients could hear and how comfortable they were with the sound quality. After some weeks, however, the reports changed from how much more they could hear to how much more they would like to hear. This very human reaction to embrace and adapt to new technology, and then look ahead to what additionally may be done in the future drives much of the advanced features we see in hearing aids. This edition of Innovations highlights important steps in hearing aid design and features, more capable remote microphones, Starkey Halo® 2 app updates, and celebrity efforts at reducing the stigma of hearing aids."

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