About Starkey Research

Starkey Hearing Technologies researchers are dedicated individuals from diverse backgrounds, working together to establish a profound understanding of hearing loss that supports the development of leading technologies that enhance hearing.

Through interdisciplinary collaboration with our academic colleagues, we've achieved significant breakthroughs in hearing aid technology. Our own staff includes researchers from a variety of fields including engineering, psychology, audiology, neurophysiology, psychoacoustics and more.

The members of the research team create and apply modern insights in audiology, hearing science, and signal processing toward developing new methods for the prescription of hearing aids, leading-edge signal processing algorithms to improve listening in the most challenging environments, and novel patient-benefit validation approaches.

Our research facility is located at the global headquarters in Eden Prairie, Minnesota.

Global Headquarters

For more information about participating in research at our Minnesota facility, please contact our research administrator using the information below.

Starkey Hearing Technologies
6600 Washington Ave. S.
Eden Prairie, MN 55344