Inspire X 2017.0

Inspire X 2017.0 is Starkey's advanced, intuitive programming tool — designed to help you provide the most precise fittings and superior counseling for your patients and their families.

Inspire 2017.0

Every patient's hearing needs are unique. Now you have a more personal, accurate way to fit your patients with Starkey's Prescriptive Fitting Package including SoundPoint, Live Speech Mapping and e-STAT®. We strongly believe a precise fitting is critical to creating successful patient outcomes, which is why this system is integrated into all Starkey products.

Inspire X 2017.0 Features

Interactive Intelligence

Allows for environmental transitions five times faster than the speed of its predecessor. It quickly and continuously adapts to changing environments when speech is present, allowing the patient to experience more natural and transparent transitions.

Initial Fit

Experience Manager


SoundPoint Tinnitus

Speech Shift

Swap Fit



Live 3D Speech Mapping

Lifestyle Assessment

Hearing Loss Simulator

Auto Path


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