Meeting prospects where they’re looking

In today’s digital world, patients turn to the Internet as the first step in their hearing health journey. This is why we’re excited to announce our new partnership with WebMD, one of the most trusted and recommended consumer health resources on the Web.

Good for patients

As part of this partnership, when patients go to WebMD to research hearing loss, they’ll now see Starkey Hearing Technologies-branded banners and content, as well as our branded hearing test. Those who take the test or click on our content will be directed to our Patient Care Call Center, where they will be encouraged to make an appointment with a local provider such as yourself.

Good for you

WebMD and our Call Center will do all the work — from answering questions and qualifying leads to making the appointment for you. All you need to do is continue providing patients with the best possible experience and care.

Helping more patients than ever

Reaching consumers at the right time (when they’re looking for hearing information) with the right message (“we can help”) improves brand awareness, puts us top of mind, and increases our influence to guide patients to a hearing professional for help.

77.3 million people visit WebMD in search of health-related advice, and 2.5 million of those suffer from hearing-related problems.

Starkey Hearing Technologies + WebMD + you