Starkey On Demand

Bring the benefits of telehealth to your practice with Starkey On Demand including T² On Demand and Audiology On Demand™.

Starkey On Demand

T² On Demand

T² On Demand allows you to make common, standard adjustments to a patient's hearing aids over the phone. Using your phone's touch-tone response to unlock and adjust the aids remotely is convenient for the patient and gives you more control.

Professional Apps

T² Remote

With the T² Remote, patients can use their phones as remote controls. Once you've enabled the technology, T² lets patients adjust volume or switch memories via their phones, eliminating the need to carry additional hardware.

* T² Remote is not available for Wi Series.

Audiology On Demand

Audiology On Demand provides immediate, real-time assistance during difficult fittings. This new feature, part of our Inspire® software, gives you on-call access to a Starkey hearing professional, who can remotely connect to the fitting computer to provide suggestions and guidance — ensuring a successful fitting.


As part of our On Demand offerings, Starkey offers several patient counseling, demonstration and fitting apps that work with the iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch.

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