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This section shares benchmarking and related research information from inside Starkey Hearing Technologies, including detailed methodology used in data collection.

The Hearing In Noise Test (HINT)


Poor speech understanding in noise is one of the most commonly heard complaints that hearing healthcare professionals hear from their patients (Kochkin, 2002). One proven method of addressing this complaint is the use of directional microphones (Ricketts, 2001). As such, the usage of an effective directional microphone is an important design focus in today's hearing aids. For this reason, all new Starkey hearing instruments are evaluated on the amount of benefit that can be obtained for speech recognition in noise. The Hearing in Noise Test (HINT) is one example of a standardized test that evaluates speech recognition in noise (Nilsson et al., 1994). The HINT is routinely administered as a part of Starkey's clinical validation battery.

This section provides a brief overview of the HINT, along with a description of the typical methodology that Starkey utilizes with the HINT to evaluate benefit for speech understanding in noise with directional microphone technology for its new products. The final section provides a specific example of how the HINT was used as part of a clinical research trial to evaluate Starkey's directional microphone technology in a receiver-in-the-canal product.

Overview of the HINT



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