Z Series

Hear Better. Live Better.

Z Series

At Starkey, we believe that to hear better, is to live better.

Z Series is a fully featured product line delivering next-generation wireless performance in styles and options to fit any wearer.

We've relentlessly pursued the latest in hearing technologies to create Z Series, Starkey's full family of wireless products featuring next-generation 900 MHz technology — 900sync — leading the way in performance, comfort, personalization and connectivity. The foundation of Z Series is BluWave 4.0. This evidence-based, patient-focused operating system's signal processing power enables us to continually optimize audibility, intelligibility, comfort and sound quality. The result is Starkey Superior Sound.

Z Series delivers what patients want:

Connectivity for Today

A More Natural Listening Experience

Superior Audibility in Noisy Environments

Distortion-Free Comfort in Loud Situations

Effortless connections With streaming
media and accessories

Say Farewell to Feedback

Customizable Tinnitus Relief

Laughs at Water and Wax

Enjoy Every Conversation

Join the Crowd With Active Noise Reduction

Patient Apps