Made to deliver Starkey Sound.

SoundLens Synergy iQ

As the world leader in custom products, Starkey continues to provide the best in customized solutions with SoundLens Synergy iQ. At the forefront of our research and development, and in collaboration with virtual reality researchers and developers, Acuity Immersion offers a unique advantage for SoundLens Synergy iQ. The small hardware provides our algorithm with natural cues needed for spatial awareness — restoring the wearers sense of presence and connection to their world.

SurfLink Accessory family

SoundLens Synergy iQ wireless models are fully compatible with all SurfLink accessories. Learn more

The Starkey Sound

Starkey Sound Demonstration

Patient Apps

Made for the way people hear:

Acuity Immersion

Speech Indicators for Memory

Smart VC

Acuity Quiet

Expanded InSitu Audiometry

A more natural listening experience

Listening enjoyment — once again

Multi-segment compression

Superior directional detection

Optimal audibility in noisy environments

Prescription for music

Improved phone understanding*

Superior feedback management

Effortless connections with
streaming media and accessories*

Enjoy every conversation

Personalized tinnitus relief

* Available on wireless i2400 IIC only