SoundLens Synergy, Made for an invisible Fit.

SoundLens Synergy

Invisible. Wireless. Powerful.

Practitioners and patients everywhere turn to Starkey Hearing Technologies when it comes to the world’s smallest, most comfortable hearing aids. Introducing SoundLens Synergy, our invisible IIC now available in both wireless and non-wireless options and built on our Synergy platform.

Now available with wireless solutions, patients can receive a direct wireless connection between their phone or other media devices and our SurfLink accessories. This connection provides patients the opportunity to to stream phone calls, music and more to their SoundLens hearing aids.

These instruments are packaged into a tiny shell and loaded with features designed to enhance every patient’s lifestyle so they’re able to experience every moment with pure, pristine sound.


SoundLens Synergy wireless models are fully compatible with all SurfLink accessories.

SurfLink Accessories

Patient Apps

Made for the way people hear:

A more natural listening experience

Listening enjoyment — once again

Multi-segment compression

Superior directional detection

Optimal audibility in noisy environments

New prescription for music

Improved phone understanding*

Superior feedback management

Effortless connections with
streaming media and accessories*

Enjoy every conversation

Personalized tinnitus relief

* available on wireless i2400 IIC only