We've reimagined rechargeable

We've reimagined rechargeable
Mini Turbo Charger

A turbo charge provides patients with 3.5 hours of use in just seven minutes!

Turbo Mini Charger charing two RIC R's

Say hello to Muse iQ Rechargeable, our best-in-class lithium-ion solution. It’s the smallest rechargeable hearing aid available today and is 100 percent easy-to-use. Our fast charging and convenient system ensures your patient will never be left without hearing. In addition, the new Mini Turbo Charger is our pocket-sized, yet powerful, lithium-ion charging option providing patients with grab-and-go convenience. With Muse iQ Rechargeable, you can fit your patients with the smartest rechargeable hearing technology ever.

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Muse iQ Rechargeable Styles:

RIC RProduct Specs RIC R APProduct Specs
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