Made for life. Muse


Muse, our most popular hearing aid family ever, continues to help patients hear better so they can live better every single day.

With Acuity OS 2 and accessory enhancements, Muse offers more ways to increase patient acceptance, personalization, convenience and confidence.

Synergy also incorporates 900sync Technology, our patient preferred wireless technology, delivering a pristine audio experience that is made to aid unilateral loss with our Muse CROS System as well as improve phone understanding with our new ear-to-ear phone streaming.

SurfLink Accessory family

Muse wireless models are fully compatible with all SurfLink accessories. Learn more

Made for the way people hear:

A more natural listening experience

Listening enjoyment — once again

Multi-segment compression

Superior directional detection

Optimal audibility in noisy environments

Prescription for music

Improved phone understanding

Superior feedback management

Effortless connections with
streaming media and accessories

Enjoy every conversation

Reliable, durable and hassle-free

Personalized tinnitus relief

Single-sided hearing loss

Patient Apps