Personal Audio

We offer a variety of excellent options for people looking for custom audio solutions — from musicians and music aficionados to professionals.

For Musicians & Aficionados

Music has never been more personal. Custom audio monitors and earmolds provide a natural, balanced sound and pure, rich tones that give musicians total control over their music. Custom fit, they block out unwanted noise, delivering the ultimate in comfort and sound clarity.

Tunz™ Custom Stage Monitor

Custom Stage Monitor

Tunz Custom Stage Monitors eliminate the need for traditional stage monitor wedge speakers. Tunz offers options for every musician on stage from vocalists and keyboard players to guitarists and drummers. The monitors provide lower stage volume for the performer, which results in truer sound for the audience as well as less equipment to purchase and transport. Visit for more information.

Tunz Custom Audio Monitors & Headphones

iPod/MP3 Mold

Musicians Earplugs

For Professionals

Newscaster/Teleprompter Mold

Newscaster/Teleprompter Mold

The skeleton style earmold is used extensively by broadcast professionals, reporters and numerous law enforcement agencies. A canal style is also available. A vent is standard with a curly tube over-the-ear and a female adaptor.

Pilot Headset Mold with Boom

CEP Connection

Anesthesiologist Mold

Racing Receiver Mold

Test Mold

Stent Mold

For the Phone

Custom Earphone Earmolds