Starkey Preferred

The Edge You Need to Succeed

Starkey Preferred status provides access to the hearing industry's best people, programs and solutions — all geared toward helping you grow your business and driving more patients to your practice.

At Starkey, we believe that as an independent hearing professional and small business owner, you are the backbone of the American economy and the optimal delivery model for the patient. It's people delivering great technology with a human touch who change lives. Because of this, it's our job to ensure you have the best technology, best resources and the very best people to deliver our product. We are here to help in every way possible.

Maintaining Starkey Preferred status, you will enjoy the autonomy and independence that all small businesses desire, while reaping the many benefits that come from being aligned with the global leader in hearing healthcare.

Starkey Preferred Status Offers
Access to the Following Resources:


Professional Development

Product and Technology


Exclusive Programs and Events

Get Rewarded for your Continued Loyalty to Starkey.

How to Qualify

Any Starkey customer who purchases 45 total units over a 3-cycle period qualifies for Starkey Preferred status. Contact your Starkey Representative at 800.328.8602 or email to learn more about Starkey Preferred and how to begin to take advantage of the program benefits.

Check My Status

To check your Starkey Preferred status send us an email or contact your Starkey Representative at 800.328.8602.