Starkey Medical Partner Network

Enhanced Patient Care, Practitioner Education and Business Performance

Starkey Medical Partner Network

Starkey Medical is a consulting & business development group that partners exclusively with ENT practices. We work with your practice to evaluate, understand and grow your hearing aid business. Starkey Medical is committed to offering practical and attainable solutions for achieving short-term and long-term clinical and business objectives.

Starkey Medical

Your practice — and you — are under tremendous pressure these days. From demands to continually improve efficiencies, to confronting increasing retail competition, to facing greater patient expectations, your job to successfully run a practice is complex.

But you don’t have to go it alone. You have a dedicated partner in us, Starkey Medical.

By leveraging our industry expertise and providing experienced consultants, we help ENT practices like yours across the country to adjust, reengage and often reinvent their operating and clinical models. Our process is based upon a proven, data-driven business methodology. Through it, we provide you with a comprehensive snapshot of your business, recommend initiatives congruent with your goals and then partner with you to help you achieve them.

Practice Development Services

Medical Partner’s have exclusive access to a suite of programs and services. They are designed to heighten the success of a medical business through improved financial, operational, human resources and marketing performance. These resources are matched to each growth initiative and tailored to a practice’s goals, size, needs and culture.

Our ten focus areas are:

Financial Management

Assess the financial health of your practice

Operations Management

Ensure your operations function at peak efficiency and profitability

Clinical Operations

Treat more patients, more consistently while delivering high patient satisfaction

Education & Training

Helping you and your team serve patients even better

Marketing Communications

Establish your brand, reaching more patients, creating more positive experiences

Human Resources

Hiring the right people for the right job with the right training helps your practice thrive

Organizational Development

Equip your people to embrace change, transforming them and your practice

Facilities & Expansion Planning

Design an office space that expresses your vision of success

Professional Development

Invest in your practice by investing in professional development

Starkey Medical is a True Partnership

Collaboration is a key component to achieving success. Our team will help transform your business by increasing productivity, unlocking clinical innovation and driving corporate performance.

Learn More

If you are interested in learning more about Starkey Medical contact your Starkey Sales Representative today at 800.328.8602 or email


When we first joined Starkey Medical, our practice’s total revenue had grown 128 percent. With the tools we gained through the partnership, we have now created a strong foundation that is deliberate and consistent. Now we know how to replicate this same success for our future business.” Practice Administrator,
7 Physician Practice
The things I learned when I went to Starkey have made all of the difference in how I talk with my patients and the questions that I ask. I learned things there that they don’t teach you in medical school or in any of the conferences that you attend. It made me rethink everything.” Physician,
Single Physician Practice
The Starkey Medical resources have made my life so much easier, I feel like the weight of my responsibility has been lifted. However, I am providing a level of expertise and strategy that I could have never done on my own. It’s like having our own marketing team on staff.” Marketing Director,
8 Physician Practice
The information and data you have helped us discover has really opened my eyes to where we need to make changes, and I feel confident that your team is here to help us drive these changes.” Practice Administrator,
8 Physician Practice
As an Audiologist in a team of nine, we weren’t sure what to expect from a clinical recommendation standpoint. We don’t know how we practiced without Starkey Medical’s help! We have better and more comprehensive counseling resources for our patients, and they’re customized for our practice.” Audiologist,
12 Physician Practice