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Starkey Medical is a consulting & business development group that partners exclusively with ENT practices. We work with your practice to evaluate, understand and grow your hearing aid business. Starkey Medical is committed to offering practical and attainable solutions for achieving short-term and long-term clinical and business objectives.

Grow Your Hearing Aid Business

The Starkey Medical Edge

Practices of all sizes are under tremendous pressure these days. From demands to continually improve efficiencies, to confronting increasing retail competition, to facing greater patient expectations, your job to successfully run a practice is complex. At Starkey Medical, we are here to give you an edge.

By leveraging our industry expertise and providing experienced consultants, we help ENT practices like yours across the country to adjust and often reinvent their operating and clinical models. Our process is based upon a proven, data-driven business methodology. Through it, we provide you with a comprehensive snapshot of your business, recommend initiatives congruent with your goals and then partner with you to help you achieve them.

How It Works

With Starkey Medical, each practice gains a business development team led by a Starkey Medical Business Account Manager to move your action plan forward. This team is further strengthened with marketing, operations, finance, human resources and professional development experts to help you make confident business decisions.

As soon as you join, your Starkey Medical team will work with you to determine your business goals. Our Hearing Aid Ancillary Assessment drives the development of a customized action plan. This process will help you achieve your end goals without overwhelming your leadership, management, practitioner or administrative teams.

Practice Development Services

Starkey Medical’s resources have been developed exclusively to support ENT practices with an audiology ancillary. Through our Practice Development Services, you will get the proven tools, expert guidance and personal support to take your practice to the next level.

Our focus areas are:

Financial Management

Assess the financial health of your practice.

Your Starkey Medical team of advisors will work with you to determine the financial health of your practice and assess the growth potential for the future. Recommendations for improvement and guidance on implementation will be provided. You will know how your practice ranks nationwide when we compare your numbers against others, through industry tested key performance indicators (KPIs).

Operations Management

Ensure your operations function at peak efficiency and profitability.

Through an operations assessment, you will know the strengths and weaknesses of your hearing aid ancillary and what key metrics are important for your business. We will then work with your practice to establish scheduling protocols, staff efficiencies and audiology office management systems to track metrics. Ongoing monitoring, and adjusting when necessary, will help you achieve the highest net-operating profit possible.

Clinical Operations

Treat more patients, more consistently while delivering high patient satisfaction.

Clinical Operations helps to define your patient journey. Our experienced clinical operations specialists will work directly with your audiology team to create patient pathway maps. After defining the patient journey together, we will help your audiology team develop recommendations and counseling tools to support the process. Clinical operation protocols for support staff will also be assessed or developed to increase overall office efficiency.

Marketing Communications

Establish your brand, reach more patients, and create more positive experiences.

As a Starkey Medical Partner, you have access to an experienced team of dedicated medical marketing communications experts. Your marketing executive will work with you to develop, execute and monitor your customized marketing communications plan so your patients have a positive experience and your practice grows. Patient communications, help with physician referrals, brand identity creation and digital marketing assistance are just a few of the options offered.

Organizational Development

Equip your people to embrace change, transforming them and your practice.

As your practice grows, your people and processes may need to as well. We will work with you and your staff, providing you with the right tools and resources to manage change and build your practice’s culture. To make sure everyone receives the same message, we will help you develop, execute, and monitor your custom internal communication plan.

Professional Development

Invest in your practice by investing in professional development.

Professional growth helps your practice grow. At Starkey Medical, we guide your practice toward a customized professional development training and coaching plan. We know your practice will succeed if your employees are empowered with the right tools. With this in mind, we provide materials and recommendations for online classes, small group trainings, and national conferences for each member of your staff, depending on your goals and needs.

The Starkey Experience

Drawing on more than 40 years of experience with private practice business owners and the hearing instrument industry, Starkey has provided support to thousands of professionals across all aspects of the retail and medical practice sectors. In addition to our interdisciplinary staff, Starkey Medical works closely with our network of business and academic thought leaders who contribute to the development of the best available strategic, financial and operational solutions for our Starkey Medical Partners. With detailed knowledge of the healthcare and hearing industries through privileged data sources, as well as extensive skills in developing and applying medical practice models, Starkey Medical is uniquely qualified to help ENT practices successfully address growth goals in today’s demanding healthcare environment.

Learn More

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When we first joined Starkey Medical, our practice’s total revenue had grown 128 percent. With the tools we gained through the partnership, we have now created a strong foundation that is deliberate and consistent. Now we know how to replicate this same success for our future business.” Practice Administrator,
7 Physician Practice
The Starkey Medical resources have made my life so much easier, I feel like the weight of my responsibility has been lifted. However, I am providing a level of expertise and strategy that I could have never done on my own. It’s like having our own marketing team on staff.” Marketing Director,
8 Physician Practice
The things I learned when I went to Starkey have made all of the difference in how I talk with my patients and the questions that I ask. I learned things there that they don’t teach you in medical school or in any of the conferences that you attend. It made me rethink everything.” Physician,
Single Physician Practice